Whether a special series for exclusive chocolate or small amounts from stock: Huber Decorative Packaging offers the entire spectrum of decorative packaging made of tinplate. The basics behind this are a quality-certified production “Made in Germany”, the competence a long-established company has in the development field, and the possibilities offered by its own in-house “Printing Service Centre”. Since the beginning of 2011, a new business segment has sprung up in the all-year supply of empty tins to the retail trade. The company lists a wide range with several purchasing associations and collaborative organisations.

A newly designed online shop is intended to attract tradesmen, who want to easily order small amounts of so-called decorative tins in the Internet. The web page www.decorative-direct.com currently offers a choice of more than 80 different versions. These include plain metal tins in various shapes and sizes as well as printed tins with pleasing motifs – from sweet to fresh and from fruity to homey-nostalgic. Customers come, for example, from the field of advertising and gift articles, and there are creative agencies or confectioners and bakeries and many other branches who want to use the attractive packaging.

A tried and tested business segment is individual contract manufacturing, where known branded companies manufacture special product series or packaging for special events on a contract basis. In the case of development projects for different branches of industry and groups of goods, Huber Decorative Packaging has gathered valued experience in making individual decorative tins. In addition to the sheer technical know-how, this also includes the basis how best to bring the design ideas of companies to life in the form of tinplate packaging. When accompanied in this way, branded companies will receive a packaging design which makes their product more coveted in a multitude of ways, beyond just the mere protective function: in both form and design, by the quality radiating from the packaged product and from its secondary use – many consumers tend to keep attractive tins long after the contents have been consumed. This makes the tin a particularly effective brand “ambassador”!

Huber Decorative Packaging offers a pan-European, unique technical facility: its own tooling and container production facility – with more than 500 shapes and sizes and the company’s own internal printing centre, which offers digital imaging, digital proofing on tinplate, preparing the printing plates and high-quality offset printing. The new “Huber ColorMatch” colour system also offers a range of 1,000 colour shades and the ability to match special colours on tinplate.

HUBER Decorative Packaging

Bernhard Kürschner

Tel: +49 (0) 7941 / 66-246




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