Leading global tear tape manufacturer Payne is promoting tear tape’s ability to combine easy-open functionality with eye-catching product branding and enhanced security for a variety of liquid food products such as energy drinks, tea, sauces and condiments.

Payne’s tear tape can be easily applied on both filmic overwraps and shrink sleeves ensuring the easy-open benefits of tear tape can be introduced across a range of products.

Simon Wildash, head of marketing at Payne, says: “Tear tape is cost-effective, quick, simple and intuitive to use and our own focus group research suggests that brands which are easy to open retain greater consumer loyalty.

In a market which is fast moving, innovative and fiercely competitive, the ability to stand out from the crowd is crucial. Point-of-sale communication and promotions has never been more important.

Wildash highlights: “Our latest print offerings from our Designer Collection mean we can provide real impact on pack. By changing the tape and not the pack, brand owners can save money by reducing packaging waste and origination fees.”

The desire for enhanced openability is backed up by in-depth qualitative research carried out by Payne, which underlined the importance of easy opening among consumers and, significantly, also pointed to its important contribution to overall brand image.

The Payne research was carried out across consumers of all ages and demonstrated that openability is a universal issue.  As Wildash explains, although difficulties in opening certain types of packs are quite rightly highlighted as a particular problem for the elderly, ease of opening is important to everyone and is therefore something that brands ignore at their peril.

“The majority of consumers, whatever their age, only tend to complain about packaging when it causes them a problem,” he points out.

“If you can get into a pack easily, you take it for granted; at the same time, the ease of the opening process will subconsciously help to reinforce positive perceptions of the brand, a belief that care has gone into both the product and the packaging and a sense that the company cares about you as a customer.”

And recent reports that the UK should consider the contamination of food by political activists1 further highlight the benefits that tear tape technology from Payne can bring to food safety and security.

Payne tear tape can integrate effectively with shrink sleeves, used to protect products in bottles and jars from tampering and counterfeiting. As well as making it clear to the end user where to open the wrapping, tear tape is an ideal carrier of overt and covert security features, such as those offered by Payne’s Security Essentials range.

Overt security features enable instant authentication of products through visual inspection by the user. Covert techniques such as infra red and ultraviolet pigments and microtext are invisible, and difficult to detect or replicate without specialist detection equipment.

Wildash concludes: “Payne’s range of tapes offers a one-stop solution which combines function, branding opportunities, and enhanced security. We have the experience and pedigree to make a real difference across a range of liquid food products”

All Payne tear tape products are supported by a range of dispensers and application systems for retrofit to most types of packaging wrappers and corrugators.


Ali Roberts / Stephanie Browne

Tel: 0115 975-9000

Email: aliroberts@payne-worldwide.com


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