Pastinos is a truly unique, real Italian gourmet snack that is made from 100% pasta, fried and seasoned with a range of typically Italian flavours. Since its launch in late 2012, Pastinos’ popularity has been steadily increasing and is a welcomed addition to the premium snack category, since Pastinos represents real innovation in snacking. It is pasta, not potato in disguise.


Pastinos was originally launched in the format of 150g sharing bags. Available in five unique mouth-watering Italian flavours: Originale, Sicilian Lemon and Cracked Black Pepper, Tomato and Basil, Arrabbiata and Chianti and Olive, proving to be a success with more flavours in the pipeline.

In July 2013, the proprietors of Martorana Snacks, the company behind Pastinos, Guiseppe (Joe) Martorana and Chef Roberto Perini were delighted to offer a new smaller format of 40g bags to the already popular 150g bags Pastinos range. “We created a unique product and now we have a new range of packs in smaller sizes to complement our idea,” says Roberto Perini, “from our launch in November we have seen interest in Pastinos increase throughout the UK and now into mainland Europe.”

Why Italian?

Italian food is the most popular foreign food in the UK with 47% of the population choosing to eat pasta, above Chinese, French and Indian. Italy is also the fifth most popular holiday destination for the UK public, which is why Guiseppe Martorana and Roberto Perini wanted to capture the essence of Italy in their new venture.

Both have a real passion for Italian food and both come from traditional Italian family backgrounds. Guiseppe Martorana, a successful businessman born in Sicily is also a restaurateur and has fond memories of his early years with his family: “Food was always central to our family, and in typical Italian tradition was quite simple really, but always used the finest ingredients. I wanted this concept to become inherent to our range of pasta snacks, we insisted we used all natural ingredients in the making of Pastinos.”

While Roberto Perini, after months of discussing, planning and developing the idea for Pastinos, saw his dream brought to life: “I had a vision five years ago; the most famous Italian food is pasta, wouldn’t it be great if you could eat pasta while cycling, walking, running or in fact eat pasta anywhere.”


Pastinos is made from essentially a tube of 100% durum wheat that has been shallow fried at a high temperature, to achieve the consistency required for consumption as a tasty snack. Once fried, the tubes of pasta are seasoned with a range of classically Italian flavours that consumers instantly recognise.

“One thing we noticed during trials was what a great crunch durum wheat has over traditional potato snacks,” explains Roberto Perini, “and by using natural flavours for the seasoning, has made the product beautiful to taste.”

Guiseppe Martorana comments: “At last we’ve been able to see our idea turn into reality, it has been a long journey, but a worthwhile one.”

Roberto Perini elaborates: “There were times when we thought Pastinos would never happen, but we’ve ended up with a product that I’m sure even our parents would be proud of.”

Pastinos – At a Glance

Pastinos don’t just look and taste great; they have the following attributes too:

– Use all natural ingredients Suitable for vegetarians

– Lower fat than a typical potato Crisp product

– Contain no artificial colours or flavours

– No added MSG and contains no hydrogenated fat

– Cholesterol-free

– A low GI carbohydrate.

Pastinos are available throughout the UK and for further information contact:

Martorana Snacks

Tel 01992 801 299

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