kenya-1.jpgFood packaging specialist Paragon – – is taking the first step towards producing the packaging for produce at its source with the establishment of a new print management facility in Kenya. The company, already the largest manufacturer of fresh and chilled food packaging in the UK, ultimately plans to manage packaging in situ for its customers on four continents, changing the current industry practice of air-freighting empty packaging around the world – and reducing the carbon footprint of the end product.

Evidence is already mounting to suggest that some long-haul foods are greener than their locally produced equivalents, once factors like the use of pesticides and electricity in production are taken into account. The average Kenyan farmer has a tiny carbon footprint compared to big agri-business, and continuing to source food supplies from developing countries also helps the local economy where they are grown.

By making its full range of packaging products at the source of products like Kenyan beans, Paragon is helping further reduce the environmental impact of British consumers’ food as it makes its journey from farm to fork.

Paragon is the preferred packaging supplier to the major UK supermarkets including Sainsbury, Asda, CO-OP, M&S and Tesco. Its food science applications help enhance product freshness, extend shelf life and reduce the weight and number of components in its packaging of fresh and chilled food.

Rick Smith, Marketing Manager for the Paragon group comments: “Our responsible packaging policies – like reducing manufacturing waste and product weight – are already industry leading. Now, by moving production of our labels and flexible films closer to the food they will be packaging, we can reduce freight costs and help our carbon-conscious clients meet their environmental commitments.”

Paragon Print and Packaging is a UK leader in fresh and chilled food packaging, and was a recipient of the Queens Award for Innovation in 2003. The group has eight manufacturing sites in the UK, and is an approved packaging supplier to all major retailers. Its annual turnover exceeds £120m.

Paragon Print and Packaging
Rick Smith
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