After a year where it feels we’ve all laughed a little less, Panadol is launching a new marketing campaign, titled ‘More Laughs. Less Pain’. There is a consensus amongst scientists that laughter can help increase our pain tolerance[1], due to the release of endorphins. With over a third of the country claiming to have had more headaches in the past year[2], the new campaign is encouraging consumers to laugh more.

Jasmine Walton, senior brand manager, for Panadol, states: “Our research has shown that in 2020, 38% of Brits cannot recall a time when they have laughed out loud[3]2. It is recognised that laughter can help to increase our pain tolerance1, couple this with our commitment to relieve people’s pain, meant we were keen to get Britain laughing again. We hope that the campaign will not only see laughter levels increase amongst consumers but will also highlight Panadol’s leading role in pain relief”.

Panadol’s campaign follows a period of sustained success for the brand, with sales growing at +14%[4] in the past year, as shoppers looked for products such as Panadol Advance Tablets (paracetamol) and Panadol Extra Advance Tablets (paracetamol, caffeine) for fast* and effective pain relief.

To encourage more laughs, Panadol is sponsoring comedy streaming platform NextUp to deliver three months of free premium content (April 20-July 20, 2021). Available to 32,000 users, it will offer over 200 on-demand shows across the comedy spectrum. Additionally, Panadol is supporting the Live Comedy Association and its #SaveLiveComedy initiative, to help the UK stand-up scene thrive beyond COVID-19 and help to boost consumers’ moods for the long-term.

To access NextUp’s premium service, all consumers have to do is go to and sign up for free**. NextUp is available worldwide via web browsers, mobile and TV apps. The campaign will be supported by a widespread marketing and digital campaign, including OOH experiences and online advertising encouraging consumers to trade-up to Panadol.

[1] Social laughter is correlated with an elevated pain threshold: Dunbar, R I M; Baron, Rebecca; Frangou, Anna; Pearce, Eiluned; van Leeuwen, Edwin J C; Stow, Julie; Partridge, Giselle; MacDonald, Ian; Barra, Vincent; van Vugt, Mark. Biological sciences 279.1731 (Mar 22, 2012): 1161-1167

[2] Research conducted by One Poll on behalf of Panadol. 2,000 people aged 18 and above and based in the UK surveyed during March 2021

[3] MAT YA – Nielsen to w/e 27.02.21

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