lunchbox3NOM Naturally is campaigning to put the goodness back into kids’ lunch boxes this term time, after research has revealed that five million children’s lunch boxes are prepared by British parents each weekday, yet three in four were likely to contain foods that were too high in saturated fat, sugar or salt.

A healthy lunch keeps children alert and active throughout the day, and yogurt provides an important serving of protein, which is proven to keep kids focused throughout the day and prevent a dip in energy. It also contains calcium, something that 2.5m young people are not eating enough of.

NOM Naturally yogurt is made from only 100% natural ingredients and is packed full of fruity goodness that kids will love. For a healthy, everyday lunch box addition, NOM’s ‘Naturally Good’ range is the ideal choice.

The layered variety packs a fruity boost – available in Senga Strawberry and Morello Cherry flavours. For younger children, the smooth variety will appeal, available in delicious Strawberry, Strawberry and Banana and Rasberry flavours.

A tempting mid-week treat will also go down a storm with children that want a bit of luxury in their lunchtime offering and the NOM ‘Naturally Creamy’ split-pots guarantee to make all the other kids jealous. Available is three luxuriously fruity flavours, Alphonso Mango & Passionfruit, Senga Strawberry and Morello Cherry; and two crunchy granola styles – Granola and Belgian Choc Chip – for a more of a bite.

So whether you are looking for a healthy lunch box filler, or want to treat your kids to a bit of lunchtime luxury, try the NOM Naturally good range and pack them off to school with a serving of everyday goodness.

NOM Naturally is now available to buy in Morrisons. For further information on stockists, visit

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