• GSK is adding Otrivine Extra Dual Relief to its Nasal Spray line-up, the first adult pharmacy line nasal spray in the decongestant category
  • The pharmacy line strength nasal spray works fast,to relieve nasal cold symptoms quickly
  • Otrivine Extra Dual Relief is only available at the pharmacy counter

This cold and flu season, GSK isadding a pharmacy strength decongestant nasal spray to its Otrivine range called Otrivine Extra Dual Relief. The new productgives dual relief to blocked AND runny noses from colds,helps alleviate sinus pressure and reduces sneezing.Available from September, the new nasal spray will only be available at the pharmacy counter and becomes the first adult p-line strength nasal spray in the decongestant category.

The total cold and flu category is worth £483m[1], and therefore is hugely important to the Pharmacy channel. The average person in the UK suffers two to three colds per year[2], spending the equivalent of 2.7 years of their life with a form of cold*. With this in mind, self-care has never been more important in lessening the burden on an already over-stretched health service.

Unlike other healthcare categories, the cold & flu category is shopped by those already suffering, yet 40% of shoppers do not realise that other ‘pharmacy only’ medication is available to them over the counter[3], indicating that there is a job to be done in educating patients in what options they have to best treat their symptoms.This can be overcome by on-shelf sign posting and prompting shoppers to have the conversation with pharmacists that they might normally avoid.

Brand Manager at GSK, Christie Matthews, comments: “Until now the cold and flu category has lacked an adult pharmacy strength nasal spray. The two active ingredientsin Otrivine Extra Dual Relief help relieve nasal cold symptoms fast,ensuring that those suffering a cold can better manage their symptoms, and get back to their daily routines with minimal impact.”

For more information, exclusive patient care resources and tools designed to support UK healthcare professionals visit the GSK Health Partner website: https://www.gskhealthpartner.com/en-gb/respiratory-health/.

[1] Nielsen Scantrack Data Volume Sales latest 52 weeks to 23.02.19


[3] Project Flare 2013, Kantar 52 w/e 25th Feb 2018

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