In a ground breaking move, Omega Pharma, the fifth largest OTC company in the UK and Ireland, will feature the first ever pharmacist on UK TV as part of their £2million hayfever campaign. This unique activity is fronted by pharmacist, Nick Kaye, highlighting the critical role played by pharmacists and retailers in this category. It will help support pharmacy teams and retailers in better understanding the benefits of different treatment options to help meet the wide variety of customer needs.


The innovative new advert, which also notes that nasal barrier treatment, Prevalin, acts five times faster than hayfever tablets1, will run on prime time channels including Channel 4, ITV, Sky and Channel 5 during the peak of the hayfever season. Educating pharmacy teams and retailers on the different hayfever symptoms at a time when they will experience an increase in requests for allergy treatments will help encourage better outcomes and improved customer satisfaction.

Nick Kaye, the Newquay-based independent community pharmacist who appears in the advert says: “Pharmacists and retailers who show a strong understanding of the range of current hayfever treatment options can help build customer loyalty and confidence. Sometimes customers are unaware there are choices in this category, or are unfamiliar with how to correctly use new products such as nasal sprays. This is why a pharmacist is at the heart of this new campaign, as it aims to help pharmacy teams recognise that not all hayfever treatments are the same. Increased assistance and demonstration from pharmacists can really help to drive sales.”

Hayfever affects up to one in five people in the UK and cannot be cured, with research showing that over three quarters (78%) of people with hayfever feel their symptoms have a detrimental impact on their general quality of life including work, social and family occasions. Omega Pharma’s hayfever portfolio includes nasal barrier treatment, Prevalin, which is proven to act five times faster than hayfever tablets and Beconase, a clinically proven corticosteroid spray recently acquired from GSK. Both nasal sprays work in different ways, targeting the cause of hayfever and offering an important alternative to antihistamine tablets which simply relieve the allergic symptoms.

Annelies Smits, International Brand Manager for Omega Pharma comments: “People who experience symptoms like a blocked or runny nose and itchy eyes should feel reassured that there are treatments available that can manage the condition quickly and effectively. We are committed to giving pharmacy teams and retailers the tools to understand this often debilitating allergy so they feel confident to recommend hayfever solutions that address each patient’s needs. Our investment in this category is in recognition of the important role that pharmacy plays in supporting consumers and we are delighted to be the first company to feature a pharmacist in our TV advertising.”

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