nzo Vape is proud to announce that as of December 2020 a premium range of nzo products will be available to purchase in 600 Sainsbury’s stores nationwide. nzo are committed to supporting both vapours in their journey while offering smokers a long-term solution to switch from combustible cigarettes.  

nzo launched to consumers in October 2019 as a pocket friendly closed pod vaping system. By March 2020 nzo was available via 1,750 distribution points and had achieved strong market share. The launch of nzo into Sainsbury’s marks the start of nzo’s ambition to partner with select retailers that will both compliment and build their position as an international premium vaping brand.  

Irshad Kara speaking on behalf of nzo said: 

“We believe that we are the only pod device appealing to both smokers and vapers with a unique proposition allowing unrivalled flavour choice while supporting a reduction in nicotine strength. However, with a market that is becoming saturated with pod devices, it’s more important than ever to get ahead of the curve to increase revenue. Our innovative product and collaborative partnership approach are designed to address these industry wide problems head on. 

As part of our commitment to Sainsbury’s we are investing in an £800,000 aggressive targeted marketing campaign.  Launched during November 2020 we will be encouraging consumers to ‘say hello to choice’, with the aim of driving new customers to Sainsbury’s. We will also be offering expert in store support and education via our ambassador teams. 

We are thrilled to be partnering with Sainsbury’s and are eager to make a big impact with this launch.” 

For the Sainsbury’s launch nzo is collaborating with British e-liquids brands RED Liquids and Pukka Juice, to bring consumers a selection of five premium RED Liquids flavours across two strengths as well as two of Pukka Juice’s most popular flavours.  

An nzo starter pack consists of the battery system, charging cable and a pod which retails at £19.95, however nzo have committed to an appealing six month price point with Sainsbury’s of £9.95. A three pack of sealed pods retails at £9.95. This pricing is intended to be a disruptive model – offering better value than market leaders in the closed pod system category. 

Sainsbury’s prides itself as being an innovative and accessible brand that has stood the test of time without compromising on quality; these are virtues that nzo strives to emulate and so provides the perfect platform for nzo to sell it’s products.

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