The Norwegian Seafood Council announces new sustainable seafood partnerships with Waitrose and Asda, which will celebrate a variety of sustainable frozen and chilled Norwegian seafood products in their stores and online shopping platforms across the country.

The partnership with Waitrose, which will run from October to mid-November, will seek to increase consideration of their high quality frozen fish with their own label frozen, MSC certified sustainable, cod, haddock (smoked and natural) and halibut fillets from Norway.

The Asda partnership, which will run in October, will focus on their own label chilled range of MSC certified cod and haddock (natural and smoked), sustainably harvested from Norwegian waters.

The Norwegian Seafood Council has been chosen as a partner due to the reputation of Seafood from Norway as the most sustainable seafood in the world. The aim of the partnerships is to increase awareness for the origin of sustainably sourced seafood and ultimately to encourage the purchase of more sustainable whitefish in UK supermarkets.

The partnerships aim to capture a newly captive post Covid-19 audience, who are increasingly conscious of the sustainability of food they purchase in supermarkets. In a study conducted in April by FMCG Gurus it was found that 59% of consumers have said that they have become more conscious about their overall health and according to a survey conducted by GlobalScan over half of consumers said they were willing to pay more for a certified sustainable seafood product.

Hans Frode Kielland Asmyhr, UK Director of the Norwegian Seafood Council said: “We are thrilled with these new partnerships. Norway has always been committed to producing the most sustainable and healthy seafood products and the Norwegian seafood industry can guarantee that the seafood we carefully harvest and supply to the UK will be of the highest quality and sustainably sourced.”

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