Are your customers looking particularly miserable today? They could be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder! Help your shoppers combat SAD by having a Big Night In.

chazThe symptoms of depression known as SAD begin around this time of year as the days start getting shorter, and become most severe during December, January and February. According to the NHS, SAD’s two main symptoms are a low mood and a lack of interest in life. Sufferers may also be less active than normal and sleep more. Wake them up with Big Night In displays in your store.

We’ve had mainly fine weather from April to September. And now with the weather forecasters talking about an “unsettled” October, it seems we’re in for the usual mix of fine weather and foul this autumn. Shoppers will grab any excuse for a party – so fulfill their desires and highlight the Big Night In products in your stores.

You can have a Big Night In any time of year. In the warmer months it often involves a barbeque. By the time October arrives, summer is a distant memory. But it’s still not time yet to put away the barbie, there’s still Halloween and Bonfire Night to get through.

Among Big Night In trends, first, people are increasingly Doing It For Themselves. Love it or hate it as a reality show, the Great British Bake Off has contributed to ingredients shortages in supermarkets around the country, in the tradition of popular cookery shows down the ages. But on the plus side it has also encouraged a return to scratch cooking and given many people a new interest in scratch cooking.

Another frequent highlight of a Big Night In is cooking a meal for everyone. The eating in trend continues to grow in popularity, and curry is the fastest growing evening meal. Geeta’s portfolio of quality Indian cooking sauces, pastes, spice mixes and chutneys offers shoppers the perfect solution for restaurant quality, convenient and easy to prepare meals at home, to give the Big Night In that essential spice fix.

There are still many consumers of all ages who don’t cook at home, but still need to eat during their Big Night In. The rising cost of eating out is providing a significant opportunity for retailers to drive sales of ‘Big Night In’ products, including food that can be cooked quickly and conveniently. As many young adults spend more time at home in the evenings, lots of them are filling the hunger gap with easy-to-prepare micro-snacking products such as Rustlers and ZUGO’S Deli Café from Kepak Convenience Foods, the driving force in the HQT – hot, quick & tasty – category and market leader in micro-snacking.

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