The latest technologies for 2017 are now being integrated into our homes and with the New Year, the humble remote has turned into the most important controller of all our home entertainment devices. The new Evolve range from One For All, specialists in TV accessories and world leaders in universal remote controls, not only replaces your original remote but tops its performance bringing the latest in remote tech at a price to make it accessible to everyone.

These versatile remote controls have been stuffed full of the latest tech at incredibly reasonable prices. For example, they are optimised for quick Smart TV access via a new SMART button; have a unique design with an LED bar for device selection; provide superior activity control; have a comfort grip with great centre control; ‘ learning’ so that you can add any missing keys from your old remote; and an ultra wide angle infrared – so no exact pointing required.

The range comprises the Evolve TV that replaces your broken or lost TV remote and is easy to set up (URC 7115) for just SSP £17.99; Evolve 2 that replaces two of your remotes with one easy to set up remote and controls both your TV and set top box (URC 7125) for just £19.99; and Evolve 4 that replaces four of your remotes with one versatile and easy to set up remote that controls four devices: TV, STB, DVD/Blu Ray and Audio system (URC 7145) for only £24.99. So no more clutter from multiple remotes on your coffee table.

The Evolve 2 and the Evolve 4 have an activity button that allows you to control multiple devices as if they were one, so there is no need to switch between devices. The Watch TV activity button controls your TV and set top box (Evolve 2 and Evolve 4) simultaneously, while the Watch Movie activity button enables simultaneous control of your TV, Blu-ray player and audio system (Evolve 4).

And there is an all OFF power button that turns all your devices off with one touch at the end of your viewing session.

Each remote is guaranteed to be compatible with every single TV brand. They are all really easy to setup with the award-winning SimpleSet up programme that allows you to set up the remote in just three steps. Simply hold down the Magic key, choose the device and enter the dedicated manufacturer number.

One For All universal remotes use the world’s largest and most efficient database of infrared codes for controlling audio video devices. This ensures that the remote is ready to control your desired device in a matter of minutes or less.

So, look no further for the perfect remote to replace your broken or lost TV remote and get going with easiest New Year viewing yet! Available from One For All’s webshop and Currys right now.


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