Robustly engineered for long life, Crown’s latest, highly-manoeuvrable pedestrian pallet truck delivers high performance at lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and, along with all the other warehouse machines in CROWN’s extensive range, is ideally suited to Back-of-Store, Retail and FMCG warehousing applications.

Dubbed the “workhorse of the warehouse”, Crown’s newly-introduced WP 3000 pedestrian pallet truck is available in 1,600 and 2,000 kg capacities including a high-lift model.

Combining power and performance with manoeuvrability and ease of operation, the WP 3000 is at home whether unloading from the back of a lorry, stocking shelves in congested retail areas or in general fast-turnaround warehousing applications.

Engineered to run and run

Robust construction includes reinforced steel covers to protect vital components such as motors, hydraulics and electronics. High-tensile C-channel steel forks and specially-engineered wear plates help lifting linkage withstand everyday wear and tear from dock levellers, uneven floors and the like – practical features that improve safety and ensure maximum uptime while keeping costs to a minimum.

Designed for durability, uptime and operator control, the WP 3000 is the pedestrian pallet truck that takes on the toughest demands.

Operator Preferred Productivity

Operator appeal has been designed in, with unrivalled ease of control provided by Crown’s innovative X10® control handle which combines all operator functions in one comfort-sculpted control pod featuring anti-static hand grips with integrated horn buttons for easy one-handed operation.
Low-profile power unit and fork tip indicators allow precision placing of the load and even faster turnaround of goods.

The WP 3000 pedestrian pallet truck enables operators to move with precision and confidence. Manoeuvrability is further improved by the smooth, rounded chassis and ramp-hold feature, simplifying operation in even tighter spaces and on ramps.

Battery changing is simple and fast with an optional roll-out system or on-board sealed charger available for the batteries from 150 – 375 Ah

Proven reliability

The effect of equipment costs on the bottom line has never been more important in today’s fast-moving businesses. Recognising this, Crown has endowed the WP 3000 Series with many innovative solutions designed to extend component life and minimise the cost of routine service – the maintenance-free e-GEN braking system being just one example. All service components, including individual circuit boards, are easily and quickly accessible, and on-board diagnostics with event code readouts clearly identify system status to ensure the truck returns to duty in the shortest possible time.


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