goodsmaster-plusJust when you find you need to accompany your 500-1500kg goods lift loads, Stannah have introduced the answer to their Goodsmaster product range.

The NEW Stannah Goodsmaster Plus is a robust goods lift ideal for the regular movement of loads between levels – and now with up to two attendants on board too. The latest Goodsmaster model features either single-hinged or double-hinged door options but, unlike the hundreds of goods-only models already in use throughout the UK, can also be operated from inside the lift car as well as the landings.

The Goodsmaster Plus is supplied inside a structure-supported frame which does not require a structural wall or lifting beam and can be installed in a matter of days. The lift is ideal for retail, catering and industrial applications where flexibility is key and goods can be moved on trolley or pallets to be stored on the different level of a building.

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