hitA new solution has been launched by Skillweb to enable FMCG retailers to keep track of supply chain assets and help prevent the loss of up to 25 per cent of roll cages that occur each year. The mobile solutions provider has extended its Houndit system to offer the first cost-effective, end-to-end tracking tool that achieves greater visibility and control of assets to reduce the associated cost of replacing lost and misplaced cages.

The vast size of many distribution centres and the scale of supply chain networks has meant that existing IT systems have not offered a viable solution for the effective tracking of cages. For example, the infrastructure cost of RFID has made it prohibitive, whilst barcode scanning requires higher levels labour and is often prone to errors.

By implementing Houndit’s Trace-it tracking solution, retailers can immediately identify asset leakage points to drive down potential losses. The system provides 100 per cent visibility of an operation’s assets as they move around the supply chain to achieve measurable efficiency improvements. As a result, return on investment can be achieved within two to three years depending on levels of loss and scale of operation.

Using the real time location system (RTLS) infrastructure it will be possible to identify the location and movement of every cage from the point it is filled with product to the point it is loaded on to the vehicle allowing detailed analysis of operational performance and the rapid location of problems as they occur. By adding tracking tags to forklift trucks and utilising mobile devices it is also possible to gather the necessary data to monitor performance, improve operating efficiency and demonstrate duty of care from a health and safety perspective.

Using just a single sensor, tagged roll cage assets can be detected as they arrive and depart within a warehouse measuring up to 50,000 sq m. Meanwhile, where real-time visibility of cage movements and locations is required, a four-sensor application can cover 10,000 sq m and locate cages to within 15 centimetres.

Skillwebs item tracking infrastructure is designed to convert the vast amounts of data it is possible to gather in a tracking system into meaningful business intelligence and, combined with the vast array of features available in the Houndit framework, means that it is possible to combine mobile computing, barcode scanning, presence detection and RTLS tracking in a single solution.


Natasha Wilson

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