A new Silicon supplement called Body Elements is set to improve the daily misery of stiff joints, with research showing long term use can help bone formation as well as maintain healthy joints.

Body Elements, part of the joint health range from liquid silicon supplement experts Core Elements, is currently undergoing an intensive launch, with a six figure marketing spend.

The launch strategy includes appearing at a wide range of trade shows up and down the country, where the Core team has been targeting a range of audiences, from the 50 plus, to sports enthusiasts and gardeners. The team has also invested in an all encompassing PR campaign to launch the product to media by creating a buzz around a ‘new way to treat joint pain’. This will include using some famous faces from the world of sport to illustrate how the product has helped them with joint health and injury recovery time. This will also be supported by a print advertising campaign later in the year.

The unique Body Elements supplement is made from a stable, bio-available Silicic Acid (a compound of Silicon) solution and is the first of its kind – it also includes a combination of essential elements including Selenium and Zinc.

Paul Ainsworth, a Director at Core Elements explains:

Body Elements is the only product that works on the whole structural system (bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and cartilage) actively promoting repair. The clustering of other ingredients to the Silicic Acid makes them extremely bio available.

“It is precisely the combination and synergy of the elements, and the manner in which they are linked, that makes Body Elements so effective and enables the body to absorb it better than any other Silicon product on the market.”

Research has shown adding Silicon, Selenium and Zinc to the daily diet improves resistance and elasticity within the body. This could help in terms of suffering fewer diseases and bone related and connective tissue injuries.

To celebrate the launch of Body Elements the team is offering retailers the chance to buy a starter pack at the special price of £79.84 (plus VAT) throughout September and October. This includes 12 packs of Body Elements and a free display box – the offer represents 100% mark up for retailers. Packs can be reordered for £119.76 (plus VAT), giving retailers a 50% mark up. Please contact the team for further details.

Body Elements RRP is £17.95 for 14ml (one month’s supply) and is available to order from www.coreelements.co.uk or by calling
0845 643 2021.

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