One For All, specialists in TV accessories, has created a new range of new TV headphones for an enhanced TV listening experience. This range of headphones comes with Voice Clear Technology emphasising speech whilst dimming background noise and enhancing the voice spectrum, making listening crystal clear whether watching a TV show or listening to a radio programme via your TV.

The HP 1020 (£34.99) and HP 1030 (£49.99) are wireless TV headphones with a range up to 100 metres with crystal clear sound that is free from background noise with powerful 40mm speaker drivers that mean you won’t miss a single word. So, now you can watch your favourite TV series, a football match, listen to radio or play computer games, day or at night, undisturbed and without disturbing others. Enjoy hours of TV entertainment with the extra-large closed over-the-ear cushioned earcups that create a seal reducing sound leakage and providing isolation from intruding background noise. There is no need to adjust the headband as it shapes automatically to your head.

The on-cap control buttons allow you to adjust volume directly on the headphones and thanks to the charging station and fast rechargeable batteries, the headphones are always ready to go. You can even connect multiple wireless TV headphones simultaneously to the same network to watch or listen with someone else in the household, whilst not disturbing anyone else.

Thanks to the wireless nature of the headphones and the 100 metre range, the TV audio feed on the headphones is available to you while you cook in the kitchen away from the TV – or even if you fancy a spot of Autumn gardening outside. The HP 1030 additionally comes with re-chargeable Li-ion batteries for up to 12 hours of uninterrupted TV listening.

For the best value in the range, the corded HP 1010 TV headphones (£14.99) are cast from high-grade materials, these TV headphones feature a robust yet lightweight design with the same powerful 40mm drivers for high audio output, the Voice Clear Technology for superb speech intelligibility and an extendable 5 metre cord for watching at distance.


To complete the range, One For All is introducing the Rechargeable wireless stethoscope TV headset HP 1040* (£69.99). This headset is aimed at people who need hearing assistance when watching television or listening to a TV radio programme with high speech intelligibility that is totally free from background noise. It boasts outstanding voice clarity due to an enhanced voice spectrum, personalised sound tuning featuring built-in sound controls for audio balance, tone and volume to either ear individually, lightweight underchin design that is ideal for lengthy listening sessions and wireless technology via 2.4 GHz band for interference-free TV listening at a distance of up to 50 metres. This means that there is no longer any need to increase volume on the TV set to hear everything – with this wireless TV headset the hearingaffected member of the household won’t miss a word without disturbing anyone else.

The new TV headphones are available now from the One For All webstore, the specialists in TV accessories.


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