Global mobile payments company Seamless and leading EPoS developers SPEDI Software have partnered to make life more convenient for Retailers and their Customers. The cooperation has enabled SPEDI’s customers to integrate their EPoS systems with Seamless’ mobile payment app SEQR.

seqr-logo-horizontal-tagline-colorConsumers can purchase items by selecting the SEQR mobile app and scanning or tapping the QR code displayed at the till in store. The QR code (compatible with NFC technology) is used to identify the payment recipient, who is connected to Seamless’ transaction platform. The app displays the total and the consumer is asked to confirm the purchase with their PIN. The money is transferred directly from the consumer’s bank account or credit provider to the Merchant and the transaction is processed within a matter of seconds. SPEDI PoS then displays a payment confirmation message to the retailer and the consumer receives a digital receipt on the app.

According to a survey conducted at the start of this year by market research firm Mintel, 38% of British consumers said they would be interested in being able to make mobile payments, and 8% claim they would apply for mobile payment services straight away if they were available.

Alex Preece, UK Managing Director at Seamless commented, “Partnering with SPEDI has given us a large footprint within the convenience sector which we see as an important area in order to drive adoption for mobile payments. With margins becoming increasingly squeezed driving innovation is difficult, with SEQR we’re able to offer SPEDI’s clients a 50% reduction of interchange and the ability to install SEQR for free. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

SEQR is the only fully integrated mobile payment solution handling the entire transaction chain.  As the app is PCI and EMV independent, Consumers are provided with a user friendly payment method, which provides unmatched security.  In addition to making payments, users can transfer money from person-to-person (P2P), store receipts digitally, connect to store loyalty programs and redeem offers through digital coupons.

David Mendus, Managing Director of SPEDI Software stated, “There is an increasing demand for mobile payments in the convenience sector and I am excited to work with SEQR to provide retailers with the fastest and most secure solution available.”

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