Doves Farm, the Organic and Gluten Free flour specialists, have unveiled a dramatic new look for their Organic Wholegrain KAMUT® Khorasan flour.


KAMUT® grain is a rare Khorasan wheat, said to be the grain of the ancient Pharoahs. The crop produces bold golden ears of grain with striking long black awns or ‘whiskers’ and the flour it produces is excellent for baking gourmet breads, pasta and biscuits.

The packaging redesign not only helps demonstrate the natural and traditional characteristic of the product in a serene and aesthetic way, but brings KAMUT® Khorasan flour in line with the rest of the Doves Farm heritage and speciality flour range. The bold midnight blue pack joins Einkorn, Wholegrain Spelt, White Spelt and Heritage flour in using a beautiful illustration-focused style.

Khorasan wheat, triticum turgidum, is a hard wheat type whose origins can be traced back to the Fertile Crescent in Egypt, where it is thought early agriculture first developed. With large golden grains, twice the size of many modern wheat varieties, it mills into a soft wholegrain flour with a pale, creamy colour.

Clare Marriage, CEO of Doves Farm explains “We are delighted with the on-shelf impact the new packaging brings and hope it encourages further trial by all types of baker. Milled from organically grown wholegrains, it has been enjoyed as a delicious alternative to wholemeal flour for adventurous home bakers, but those who prefer things to be tried and trusted needn’t miss out, my own favourite KAMUT® Khorasan bread, pasta and shortbread recipes are printed on each pack”

Doves Farm Foods Ltd


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