’s new foldable GoBox 2600 CL crate is a ‘must buy’ for growers and retail logistics professionals.


Ideal for handling fruit and veg, the perforated design means growers can rest assured that their produce will remain fresh from the farm to the retailer. Where cardboard and solid wood or plastic crates prevent air from circulating, small ventilation holes in the sides and base of the GoBox 2600 CL allow positive airflow, keeping produce cool and preserving their condition for longer.

Since fresh produce can be placed directly into the crates without being pre-bagged or paper-wrapped, retail customers can significantly reduce packaging waste, making the GoBox 2600 CL an excellent choice on environmental grounds.

Lighter, stronger and quieter than other models on the market, the crate has a unique latch beneath its handle that locks the side walls securely in place offering 39 litres of storage space, but when lifted, the latch collapses the box virtually flat to a height of 30mm, allowing customers to optimise vehicle fill and reduce return journey fuel bills. For instance, a standard truck can hold up to 7,920 flat-packed crates – 33 stacks of 240 crates per pallet – ensuring minimal wastage space in transit.

In retail packing areas, the crate’s clever latch system can help reduce noise pollution as it makes virtually no sound when erected or folded down, unlike other foldable box designs, and it also has an exceptionally strong base.

On the shop floor, well-designed hand holes at both ends of the GoBox 2600 CL and a strong, sturdy base, mean it can be easily lifted and positioned in storage racks without the risk of getting fingers trapped. It’s also compatible with our GoBox 9550 DL transit dolly, which can carry multiple stacked crates in one go, speeding up the transfer of produce from the warehouse to the shop floor.

The GoBox 2600 CL measures 595mm (L) x 398mm (W) x 200mm (H), weighs just 1.6kg, and comes in a striking lime green as standard. For large orders, other single and two-colour options are available including more unusual colours like purple, which an agricultural client recently selected for its crates.

Other optional features include corporate personalisation with a logo moulded on both sides of the crate and RFID location points at the ends and sides of the crate.

Although using the GoBox 2600 CL requires a higher initial outlay than single trip cardboard packaging, its durable, washable design means that it can be reused repeatedly thus providing a long term transit solution, which in time will generate an excellent return on investment. It can also be recycled at the end of its long working life!

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