Factory ERP software from CSBSystem is helping to deliver higher speed and efficiency and full traceability both up- and downstream at the new meat processing facility of leading Belgium producer the Colruyt Group.

The Factory ERP solution from CSB provides centralised control of all the processes at the plant in Halle while also providing full connectivity to Colruyt’s Group ERP system (SAP). This provides a more homogeneous and easy-tomanage IT landscape, where stand-alone solutions are eliminated and the number of interfaces minimised. Equally important, all processes and resources at the factory can be controlled consistently in accordance with industry-specific requirements.

The result is a system that enables company groups to manage their various factories in a decentralised manner, without having to make time-consuming, complex and expensive adaptations in the Group ERP.

As part of the new system, 75 software-aided control points have been installed for the coordination and control of purchasing, cutting, batch management, production, nutritional value management, quality management and traceability. This helps to ensure optimum planning functionality for the 500,000 burgers and 340,000 schnitzels produced each year.

“Today, our overall productivity is much higher,” confirms Colruyt’s Project Manager Bart Boelen.

The adoption of the CSB Factory ERP marked a move from the development of in-house IT by Colruyt.

“We were aware that several legal changes were pending in the long term, and we would not have been able to implement those with our own solution,” explains Jan Dewitte, the company’s Head of Logistics & Transformation.

The new software was first introduced for testing in the poultry department. “The system went live without problems,” says Dewitte. “The experience we gained during that stage was very helpful for the subsequent rollout in Halle.”

Colruyt established a team with members from IT and production to support the project. These key users were trained extensively by CSB’s consultants, in order that they could later train and support other Colruyt employees themselves.


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