Union Industries, the UK market leading manufacturer of industrial rapid roll doors, has installed another of its innovative Eiger Freezer Doors at Reed Boardall Group’s site in North Yorkshire.

union-rbThe Boroughbridge based company is the largest frozen foods distributor and single-site consolidator in the UK, serving all of the major supermarket chains.

The new installation at the facility is the fifth Eiger freezer door on the site, the first door having been in operation now for almost 10 years. Reed Boardall experienced regular problems and on-going maintenance issues, resulting in high repair costs, with traditional insulated doors but has found the Eiger Doors to be a far more efficient and effective alternative.

The Eiger Doors work to maintain temperatures utilising their high speed opening and closing operation and the innovative dehumidification process, which prevents ice build-up on the door blade, frame and workings, and helps eradicate snow and ice forming around the opening and on the floors.

On this site, the Eiger Doors have been used between ambient battery rooms and freezers which are maintained at a temperature of below minus 25 degrees C. The doors drastically reduce the moisture ingress into the freezers from these ambient areas, hence reducing snow & ice build up and, at the same time, reducing energy costs.

The new Eiger Door has been installed in an extension of the plant; a new cold store built due to an increasing demand in the UK for frozen food. The door is the largest installed at the facility, measuring around 3.5m wide and 5.5m high to enable new high mast forklift trucks to fit easily through the doorway. Working via an infrared system installed in the trucks, the door will make access to the controlled environment of the freezer easy and safe for the forklift drivers.

Garry Tilburn, Managing Director of Reed Boardall Cold Storage Ltd, said: “Eiger Doors are perfect for our site. The high speed of these doors allows us to effectively maintain our freezer temperatures by providing a physical and fast acting barrier between the cold stores and the battery charging & changing areas.”

“Union Industries has been great to work with and I would always recommend Eiger Doors to anyone else in the industry. Our site is operated for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the Eiger Doors work well in our high use & demanding environment!”

Garry has been a vocal ambassador for the Eiger Door, recommending it to other firms in the industry through events organised by both the Food Storage & Distribution Federation (FSDF) and also the European Cold Storage & Logistics Association (ECSLA). He has even helped Union Industries by allowing the company to show potential customers the Eiger Doors in action at the Boroughbridge site.

Union-LogoAlan Hirst, Sales Director at Union Industries said: “We value our longstanding relationship with Reed Boardall and are proud to see its operations enhanced by our doors. The Eiger Door is innovative in its field and overcomes the operational and health & safety problems which are associated with traditional freezer doors. Yes, there are now more high speed freezer doors on the market – but none as proven as our Eiger Door, which has just has its 10 year anniversary!”

“The use of the Eigers at the Reed Boardall site shows their versatility as they are effective even with the extremes in temperatures on each side of the openings. The reliability and innovation of the Eiger Door make it a leader in its field. We are delighted that Reed Boardall is so happy with its latest installation alongside the other Eiger Doors on the site.”

Union Industries

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Email: enquiries@unionindustries.co.uk


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