Campaign transports viewers to the natural world that Corona comes from

Corona beer brings to life its connection with nature in a new evocative, multisensory campaign launching in the UK.

‘From the Natural World’ celebrates the power of nature in reconnecting individuals with their best selves and the role the natural world plays in creating Corona – a beer brewed with 100% natural ingredients*.

Following a year of isolation and lockdowns, the campaign looks to inspire people to return to the world outdoors and to rediscover the joy of their local natural environment.

Felipe Ambra, Global Vice President of Marketing, Corona, said: “Corona is a brand born at the beach, and we were inspired by the natural world to create this amazing beer. As a brand so deeply connected to nature and brewed with 100% natural ingredients, we wanted to remind our audience how important it is to get outside.

‘Through immersive creative, our latest campaign aims to provide consumers with an inspiring feeling of escapism to remind them of the unique power that the natural world has in letting people’s best side shine through.”

The escapist spot brings this message to life with creative editing and audiovisual techniques. Evocative imagery and sense-activating sound design transport viewers into nature through a euphoric journey of different sights and sounds that brings to life the unique power the outdoors holds.

Artistically edited in an unbroken vertical panning shot, the spot follows a lime being pushed into a bottle of Corona, which is then intercut with the stream of a waterfall through different environments, a slow-flowing tropical river, water dripping from a rainforest leaf, and then finally back to the iconic Corona lime ritual, before a blissful soundtrack kicks in at the end. For this spot, Water was the natural ingredient chosen to show Corona’s deep connection to the natural world.

Created by Wieden+Kennedy Portland, the campaign will run in the UK across TV, VOD, digital OOH, VOD, online, social media and audio.

To underline the brand’s links with nature, Corona packaging in the UK will now proudly bear the message: ‘Brewed with 100% Natural Ingredients: Water, Barley, Hops, Maize. Beer carbonated before bottling’.

In addition, Corona will be using Spotify’s latest 3D spatial audio innovation to bring listeners of the platform closer to the sound of nature. The campaign will extend in stores with shoppers able to take home a piece of nature themselves, in the form of a lime tree growing kit, with their purchase of 12 packs of Corona in selected retailers.

Kicking off on Monday 29th March through VOD across All 4, ITV Hub and Sky Media, before being followed by national TV from Sunday 11th May, the elements focus on providing audiences with a unique moment of inspirational escapism.

The campaign is further supported by paid social media assets and digital online banners. Corona will also be targeting consumers through WeTransfer artwork during the late afternoon/early evening phase (4pm – 6pm) over the summer – encouraging them to switch off and head outside. Digital OOH will be concentrated in proximity to retail stores via six sheets.

Bringing nature home…

To give consumers the opportunity to connect with their own piece of nature at home while enjoying a Corona, free lime tree growing kits will be provided with every 12 pack of Corona purchased at Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrison’s and CoOp. Each kit is redeemed directly instore containing everything needed to grow your own lime tree at home.

The campaign marks the start of Corona’s summer marketing plans, with more activities coming soon.

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