Cash-strapped shoppers looking to make ends meet after a purse-plundering Christmas have been thrown a lifeline, thanks to a new book full of tips on how to become a savvy shopper.

And the book also helps supermarkets, smaller retailers and brands understand what happens in the mind of a shopper during their supermarket visits.

Supermarket Shoppology, by professional shopping behaviour analyst and founder of Staffordshire-based SBXL Ltd Phillip Adcock, offers households, cleaned out by the high cost of Christmas, sound advice on how to slash their post-Yuletide grocery bills.

It also examines in detail the things that influence shoppers and how they make purchasing decisions, sometimes rationally but more often irrationally.

The book – the first of its kind – uses years of research by Phillip Adcock and his company, combined with detailed studies of psychological shopping behaviour to provide a practical guide to saving money for shoppers.

He says the average family spends around £500 a month on groceries, which represents their biggest expense apart from the family home. But that could be slashed if people shopped smarter.

“Despite it being such a major area of expenditure, there is not much available in the way of practical advice for shoppers. Supermarket Shoppology aims to address this by providing a plain English explanation of how our shopping minds, brains and bodies operate and the tools that retailers use to influence how we shop and what we buy,” said Phillip Adcock.

He added, “The book gives a strategy for supermarket shopping to enable us to shop smarter and get value for money wherever we shop. It also lifts the lid on the psychology of the shopper as they walk round a supermarket, and analysing exactly what they do and why. Very often a shopper has no conscious awareness of their decision making process. Emotions are 24 times more persuasive than rational thought and stimulate the brain much faster, which is an important factor for retailers to bear in mind.

“Understanding shoppers’ emotions and knowing which emotional triggers to pull will inevitably result in more sales and market share for those who get it right.”

SBXL was founded by Phillip Adcock 13 years ago. With offices in Lichfield and Tamworth, SBXL is a leading retail research firm, combining state-of-the-art technology with a detailed knowledge of human psychology. As well as regular shopper tracking, the company provides retailers and brands with in-depth insights, using techniques such as in-store filming to capture behaviour, The company also provides detailed studies of facial expressions and non-verbal communication to identify sub-conscious decision-making processes, and eye-tracking to determine what shoppers see in-store.

SBXL works with leading retailers and brands across Europe, North America and the Far East.

Supermarket Shoppology is priced at £14.99 and available from Amazon and all good bookshops.

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