Occupying a space less than half a metre square Araldite®’s striking new display unit aims to deliver a four figure profit for independent retailers across a year’s trading and encourage cross-selling between the brand’s high performing products.

AralditeFSDU2The product mix shown in the picture features Araldite® Rapid, Araldite® Standard, Araldite® Fusion, Araldite® Instant, Araldite® Repair and Araldite® Steel, a range which will cover 90% of indoor making and mending applications. Based around Araldite®’s famous two-part epoxy adhesives, the selection includes a choice of setting times from 90 seconds upwards, a handy one-shot 3g version of Araldite® Fusion and some heavy duty products – a gap-filling putty, Araldite® Repair, and a two-part Araldite® Steel.

Many of the products feature Araldite®’s smart twin-barrel cartridge which not only dispenses accurate, equal amounts of resin and hardener but include snap-off seals, replacement protective caps and a mixing/application spatula integrated within the pack design.

All Araldite® products offer eco-friendly packaging with an easy, slide off blister that separates for re-cycling.

The FSDU design is the result of close collaboration between Araldite® and its UK marketing and sales partner Velcro Limited, in terms of aesthetics, product selection and the high yield it offers especially to the independent retailer. The unit is supplied at no extra cost on the stock deal.

Daniel Bebb, Consumer Sales Manager UK & Ireland at Velcro Limited says, “We’ve had great success with a counter top display unit – with many of our stockists asking if a bigger unit could be made available. We’ve listened to their views and the key ingredients for success were identified as a good product range featuring high performers, strong graphics to attract attention and above all a high yield per square metre to maximize value.  All those have been factored in to this new unit.”

The FSDU comes complete with header board and is finished in a high quality gunmetal colour which harmonises with the brand’s striking black and white packaging style.

For further details on how you can take advantage of this FSDU, please contact Velcro Limited’s Customer Services team on 01606 738806.


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