chelsea-foods-tea-packs.jpgPart of the Chelsea Foods group, The Little Big Tea Company has been importing fine tea for three generations, so the quality and flavour of the products goes without saying. But there is a good deal more to these teas than just their great taste. The Essex-based tea business have worked with their existing film packaging supplier, National Flexible, for a number of years and have recently benefited from their environmental development work by being introduced to a new biodegradable version of their box-wrap film, which quickly presented them with an opportunity to differentiate themselves.

“Our packs offer practical solutions to deal with waste packaging in an environmentally friendly way. This is achieved by using a degradable plastic outer wrapper, vegetable-based inks and a packing technique featuring a zero adhesive box,” said Chelsea Foods co-owner Keith Mead.

The Little Big Tea Company’s efforts have been recognised by the London Environment Centre (LEC) who have awarded the company a Green Mark for good environmental business practice.

National Flexible is continually introducing new packaging films which meet the demands of their customers. The company has set up a separate division – Natural Flexible – which is dedicated solely to sourcing packaging films which are either environmentally-friendly, biodegradable or sustainable; Biodegradable OPP is the latest material to be introduced.

For any further information please contact:

National Flexible
Tel: 01274 685566

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