300x300_print2mySupermarket Insights, the real-time data service for retailers and manufacturers, now includes reports, based on the live purchasing trends of shoppers at Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury’s and Ocado

mySupermarket-Insights.co.uk, the business data service launched by mySupermarket.co.uk last year, has announced the availability of new market share information for its industry-leading data tool for FMCG manufacturers, retailers and analysts.

mySupermarket Insights  is a web-based subscription service, offering FMCG manufacturers and retailers a quick and easy way to keep track of prices, promotions and market share in real-time. Enabling clients to view real-time supermarket prices of all products in their categories at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Ocado, the new market share and price impact reports help assist their pricing, sales and marketing strategies.

Clients who have already subscribed to the service include Kelloggs, Mars and Nisa Todays.

The service provides instant access to clear concise graphs and tables showing real-time price, promotions and market share trends over time, for all categories, brands and retailers. The website contain four sections:

1. Price & Promotion – Current and past prices

2. Price Trend – The weekly price for any SKU for the past 52 weeks

3. Market Share – The Market Share of any brand or SKU within its category

4. Price Impact – The impact that changing price has on market share

The online mySupermarket Insights service allows clients instant access to current and past pricing data, and automatically informs clients upon logging in which prices have changed within the past seven days.

The Market Share report shows the market share for a brand or SKU in a clear and concise pie chart, enabling retailers to track market share on a daily basis, at a glance. Users can select any time period and see the market share during that time. Price Impact reports connects the  average price of a brand or SKU with its market share across any given timeframe.

The foundation level service, offering access to real-time prices of products in one category, is free-to-view. The advanced service which includes competitors and trends over time is available as a monthly subscription.

300x300_print3Daniel King, Chief Commercial Officer for mySupermarket.co.uk commented: “mySupermarket Insights bring together real-time prices and promotions with market share data to enable FMCG manufacturers and retailers to be immediately and better informed about the impact of price changes and promotional strategies. Market share and price impact is data that many of our clients have been requesting. The FMCG sector is moving more rapidly than ever before, and retailers and analysts need to keep their eye on price fluctuations and market share.”

Clients can search prices by brand, SKU or category. All of the reports are fully exportable.

Sarah Armstrong, Pricing and Promotions Controller at Kellogg’s, who have already subscribed to the service, commented:
mySupermarket.co.uk Insights data allows us to stay close to both our competitors and our customers.  Since using the tool, we have been able to better understand our competitive position both in present day and in the past, which in turn can help us shape our future.

“As a result of the daily update, we are able to see the market as it changes and be aware of any challenges our customers may have as they happen. This ensures we are consistently aligned. Having been a buyer up until recently, it is clear to see the benefit of the real time reporting and indeed the price and promotions historical database from this perspective. It can help understand out-performance, price position and competitiveness within the market. Other data sources highlight an issue, whereas these reports help in identifying the cause.”



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