mag-pocket1Beaverswood specialise in warehouse identification and produce a wide range of tough industrial quality, clear plastic pockets suitable for industrial, medical, retail, education and office applications. These pockets have strong welded edges, for robust performance and long life. They are suitable for housing many of the most popular paper sizes, A4, A5, A6 and A7 in vertical or horizontal format.

A unique feature of the range is the various fixing methods available.

•    A self-adhesive strip along the top and bottom edge for permanent fixing applications.
•    A magnetic option, enabling the pockets to adhere to any steel surface.This option is particularly popular when pockets need to be relocated, or documents are moved from location to location. The magnetic pockets can also be used in a cold store environment, where the self-adhesive option would not be suitable.
•     A tag option.These pockets can be used on wire or mesh containers.The tag with an arrowhead at each end, fits through the header of the pocket and loops around the wire.
•     A clip option. Here a plastic clip or clips is adhered to the back of the pocket,enabling it to clip onto the mesh of mobile storage containers.

Beaverswood’s experience and production facilities enable them to produce bespoke pockets to a company’s specific requirements in large or small quantities.

To find out more about this range of industrial quality pockets and also the complete range of Beaverswood products, visit their website at and request a copy of their Identification catalogue. They will send you a free sample pack, containing useful ideas for marking and identification.

Contact Beaverswood on 01189 796 096, fax 01189 795 715, email:

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