New kitchen waste separator with three 10 litre buckets launched

Managing your domestic waste and separating everything for recycling just seems to get more complicated and time consuming. Local authorities have different kerbside collection policies, and remembering what to put out for the bin men and when, requires a year planner!

But in an increasingly environmentally aware world, this on-going domestic task places increased responsibility on the home owner, and Brabantia has been doing its bit to assist.

To meet the needs of each person, their kitchen layout and recycling requirement, Brabantia provides a range of products to help people design their own waste management and separation system, while also enabling them to complete the job quickly, effortlessly and smartly.

Now the company has added another new product to its waste storage range – the Built-in Separator with three 10 litre buckets.

Built-in Separator with three 10 litre buckets

Compact and easy to use, the Separator fits neatly inside a kitchen cupboard, and the storage buckets slide out completely to give easy access.

You can separate waste in a way that suits you: paper and cardboard, plastic, glass and cans, even green compostable vegetable matter.

Neatly concealed and out of sight, this is a really convenient waste separation solution for your kitchen.  Light and easy to operate – the waste unit slides fully out of the cabinet to reveal the three removable inner buckets. Each one has a 10 litre capacity, is made from sturdy plastic, and is simply removed for emptying and cleaning.  Each bin can be fitted with a size-matching Brabantia bin liner (replacement code C) for easy handling and emptying, available in either PE material for general waste or 100% compostable material for green bio-degradable waste.

A compact and space efficient design, the new Separator fits inside almost any kitchen cabinet. Easy to assemble and suitable for units with either left or right side doors, it is made from high quality, corrosion resistant materials, and backed by a 10 year guarantee. Prices from around £80.

Other kitchen waste management solutions from Brabantia

Because consumers often need a mix of solutions to separate and store their waste material and have different sized kitchens where space is often at a premium, Brabantia offers a huge selection of over 200 waste bin products to provide a complete pick on’ mix approach.

Examples of other free standing separator bins are the Twin Bin with two 20 litre buckets, the Twin Pedal Bin again with two 20 litre buckets and the Twin bin with 23 litre and 10 litre buckets. There is also the Built-in Separator with two 18 litre buckets.

Twin Bin with two 20 litre bucket liners

The Twin Bin is for those who care about both the environment and design. Based on Brabantia’s popular and stylish 45 litre Touch Bin, it comes with two equal size removable plastic inner buckets – each 20 litres – for easy waste separation in the kitchen.

Highly functional and easy to use, you lightly press the soft-touch lid – which opens automatically and silently – and simply separate your general waste from the recyclable material. The bins can be used for separating any combination you like, including compostable organic waste, cardboard packaging, paper, plastics and glass – you decide.

The robust oval body of the Twin Bin is made of high-grade chromium steel, and its stainless steel lid unit is easily removed for emptying and cleaning. It also features a plastic base to prevent scratching the floor.

Twin Bins are available in a choice of matt brushed steel with Fingerprint proof coating or a highly polished brilliant steel finish, all with black detailing, and come with a 10 year guarantee for total consumer confidence.

Changing the sized-to-fit Brabantia bin liners is easy and doesnot require bending down, thanks to a special feature that means the inner buckets can be raised to an elevated position to simplify emptying. The two strong, durable and large capacity inner buckets include practical grips for easy handling and cleaning.

Retail prices are from around £151 for the brilliant steel finished Twin bin.

Twin Pedal Bin with two 20 litre bucket liners

The Brabantia Twin Pedal Bin makes separating and recycling equally stylish and simple, and with just a light press on the pedal, opens to reveal the two plastic inner buckets.

Ideal for families producing large amounts of waste, the Twin Pedal bin is based on the classic Brabantia Pedal bin, where the lid opens easily and closes silently, thanks to the dampened lid and pedal mechanism. It also features a useful smart hinge, which means the lid can be moved into a manually operated stay open position.

The two strong, durable 20 litre capacity inner buckets are made from rigid plastic and feature integral grips for easy handling and cleaning.

Comfortable to use – there is no need to bend down as the inner buckets can be raised and left in an elevated position to simplify emptying – sized-to-fit Brabantia bin liners are easily changed when full. Useful tie-tapes help to avoid spillage on removal, and a new bin liner quickly refitted without any unsightly overhang.

Twin Pedal bins are available in a choice of a highly polished brilliant steel or matt brushed steel look, and completed with black detailing. Prices are from around £122 for a brilliant steel Twin pedal bin and come with a 10-year guarantee for total consumer confidence.

100% compostable bin liners – for use with organic waste

Thanks to Brabantia’s biodegradable bin liners, householders can now take their organic waste straight from the kitchen to the garden compost bin or local authority green waste collection bin, without the messy performance of emptying it first.

Made from 100% natural starch-based film, the bags are fully biodegradable and can be disposed of along with their contents, and begin to decompose around 10 days after being exposed to organic waste.

The bags are specially designed for use with Brabantia products, are supplied in rolls of 10 and retail from around £4.70 per roll.

Brabantia products are available from leading retailers, including high street department stores, superstores, quality independent housewares and kitchen product specialists.


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