Driving sales with Co-operative Radio

Mood Media creates, produces and broadcasts The Co-operative Radio across more than 2,260 stores. This fully branded radio station is an entertainment communications tool that The Co-operative uses to create a great shopping environment for customers and staff. It also allows The Co-operative marketing team to promote products at the point-of-purchase. In-store radio has proven extremely successful for The Co-operative.

Mood Media has supplied The Co-operative with media services for over 20 years. This established partnership consistently delivers because Mood Media continuously works with The Co-operative’s marketing teams to ensure their in-store media solutions meet expectations in the context of real business objectives.

The Co-operative Radio consists of a bespoke music programme suitable for the wide customer demographic, with dedicated DJ’s who broadcast a mix of product and branding information that can be regional and store specific.

Mood Media also designs, supplies and installs a complete zoned music, public address and visual system for The Co-operative’s distribution centres. The music and public address system is installed in the chill, staff and freezer areas, using a variety of suitable loud speakers. The music automatically switches between The Co-operative’s satellite radio and national DAB radio receivers at pre agreed times of the day. The visual systems are utilised for staff entertainment, training and in meeting rooms.

Creating the mood for Morrison’s

Mood Media has worked with Morrison’s for more than 15 years, providing public address systems and music and messaging content. The sound identity at Morrison’s is created by the dedicated team of script writers, music DJ’s and sound engineers at Mood Media.

The music and messages change throughout the day to suit the varying customer demographics that shop at Morrisons. The messages promote products so that while shoppers browse the aisles they are made aware of offers and product ranges that Morrisons want to promote.

Mood Media broadcasts media content to ensure nationwide coverage or through its proprietary media player. The technology teams at Mood Media always review the players by performing onsite diagnostics or by dialling in remotely. This ensures the right content is being broadcast in the right stores at the right time.

Nisa FM – matching the music to the time of day

Mood Media creates, produces and broadcasts Nisa FM, a totally branded radio station that Nisa franchisees can subscribe to. Mood Media has created a range of music options, so that each store can decide the music channel they would like to broadcast at specific trading times. Such flexibility and freedom is just one of the many service options Mood Media can give its clients.

The messages in Nisa FM are all produced by Mood Media’s in-house team of DJ’s and radio producers. Mood Media produces and broadcasts a bank of promotional adverts for the changing seasonal, trading hours and current promotions.

Marks and Spencer – perfect playlists for a wide demographic

M&S called upon in-store specialist Mood Media to develop in-store music for their 200 major stores within the UK. The creative team at Mood Media developed playlists that would appeal to a wide demographic, incorporating a range of modern and classic tracks that would tap into shoppers’ moods while they shopped.

The playlists are tailored to match trading patterns and reflect the customer demographic as it changes during the day, and from weekdays to weekends.

All the music compliments the M&S brand attributes of quality, value, service, innovation and trust.

In-store announcements are also broadcast between tracks, and change to feature seasonal celebrations such as Mother’s Day, Easter or Valentine’s Day, and to align with marketing promotions and advertising.

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