As consumer enthusiasm for the smart phone and app trend is constantly increasing, along with rising industry competition and regulations, the Asian retail sector is feeling the pressure to advance their technology. Large retailers, such as Tesco Lotus Thailand, are turning their attention to deploying technologies that support the development of mobile retail app platforms featuring mobile coupons, e-loyalty cards, e-wallet and other functions that improve productivity and customer service.


The Situation

Tesco Lotus is a leading retailer in Thailand, which has more than 1,500 stores and 45,000 employees across Thailand. Headquartered out of Britain, it is one of the world’s leading retail businesses.

Tesco’s customers have become more technologically savvy, particularly through the use of modern smart phones, and Tesco Lotus has also faced industry challenges including increased competition and regulations.

The Solution

To meet the evolving needs of their customers and wider industry trends, Tesco Lotus turned its attention to upgrading to advanced technology. The integration of the Honeywell Xenon 1900g enabled interaction with customers via their smart phones. At the heart of the upgrade was Tesco Lotus’ development and launch of a mobile retail system featuring a smart phone-ready app, as well as transitioning the POS system from 1D to 2D scanning capable of reading bar codes from smart phone screens.

The new mobile retail system offers a series of benefits to Tesco Lotus customers, including quick and easy access to mobile coupons, an e-loyalty card and linked credit cards. Tesco Lotus’ new mobile system enables customers to present their smart phone in front of the scanner, with a clear beep indicating the barcode is instantly read and the transaction processed. The scanner also improved better reading of some hard-to-read grocery product barcodes, such as those on plastic bags or cans. As a result, Tesco Lotus integrated the scanning solution with their upgraded POS system across 1,200 stores in Thailand.

pic-1The Benefits

The new mobile retail system launch supported by the Honeywell Xenon 1900g scanner proved to be a success for Tesco Lotus. Resulting in improved checkout productivity, more effective marketing promotions, but also greater customer satisfaction, and increased sales for Tesco Lotus.

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