The market for germ-killing multipurpose cleaning products grew by 3.5% during 2013 to an estimated £239 million, driven mainly by a strong performance from the bleaches segment of the market, but also growth in sales of antibacterial multipurpose cleaners.

2013_Mintel_hi-resAcross the market, value sales have performed better than unit sales, meaning that the average price paid per product has increased in response to range development such as Domestos Extended Germ Kill in bleaches, and more antibacterial multipurpose cleaners from Flash and Cif.

Over the next five years to 2018, the market for multipurpose germ-killing cleaning products is projected to grow by 10% to £263 million, driven mostly by an increase in the number of households but also an increase in the proportion of new multipurpose cleaning products launched making antibacterial claims.

While sales of bleaches have grown over the last three years, between 2009 and 2013 it is antibacterial multipurpose cleaners that have shown the most growth, taking their share of sales from 28% of the total in 2009 to an estimated 32% in 2013.

Research looking in to Britain’s hygiene habits, finds just two thirds (66%) of Brits admit they always wash their hands thoroughly after using the toilet.  The research reveals that men are the least thorough with their handwashing – less than six in ten (59%) men always washing their hands thoroughly after using the toilet. By contrast, women adopt better hygiene habits, almost three quarters (73%) of women claiming thorough hand washing.

Hand washing increases dramatically with age – indeed, 90% of those aged 65 and over wash their hands thoroughly after using the toilet, and this figure declines to less than half (47%) of the nation’s 16 to 24 year olds.

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