Binifresh has launched Minibini, a kitchen & household bin hygiene device. Minibini combats bacteria, eliminates odours and fragrances the bin.

The simple self-adhesive device sticks to the underside of household bin lids to prevent malodourous kitchen or other smells, deodorising the bin as well as fragrancing it with a clean, fresh fruity scent. Minibini comes with a choice of high quality apple or citrus scents created by perfumers to smell just like the real fruits.

In soft launch these have proved a hit with consumers and retailers. Already Minibini is listed in selected Tesco, ASDA, Robert Dyas and B&Q outlets, and other nationwide retailers have expressed interest.

The product is sustainable – the device never needs to be disposed of as the refill membranes, which need replacing after 1 month, are readily available. Consumers are alerted to buy refills, which come in packs of three, as a red LED will flash and so for the retailer the repeat purchase opportunity is a significant strength.

Minibini has a RRP of around £4.50 with refills priced at about £2.50.

The product’s inventor, MD Daniel Woolman, says: “Our research found that nearly half (49%) of consumers mentioned smell as the most unpleasant aspect of dealing with domestic waste. Avoiding germs and ‘filthiness’ are also important especially amongst younger consumers with 68% of those aged 16-34 saying they’d be likely to purchase a bin freshener”. Interestingly all social demographics seem to have similar views”.

A consumer public relations campaign will support the product, promoting its benefits not just for the kitchen but for other uses such as the baby’s nursery.


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