The combination of a great flame-grilled taste, a quick cook time and competitive pricing is generating rising levels of demand for Rustlers, the UK’s No.1 micro-snack*1, and firm favourite amongst college students and young adults.
“18-25 year olds rank Rustlers as the No. 1 brand in our competitive set*2. They are extremely loyal to Rustlers with high repeat purchase levels. Our insights tell us that this is because of the brand’s great taste as a result of our unique flamegrilling process,” says Kepak Convenience Foods Channel Director Stuart Meikle.

Such is the confidence that Kepak has in the taste and quality of Rustlers that the company this year embarked on its biggest ever sampling campaign, #FlaminTasty. The campaign visited universities to sample Rustlers core target consumers.

“We know that when people try a Rustlers for the first time, it exceeds expectations and that’s why #FlaminTasty also offered shoppers our first ever moneyback guarantee. We’ve already seen improvements in perception, penetration and most importantly base sales, proving that by focussing on our core USP of flame-grilling we can yield strong results,” adds Meikle.

Over 20% of young adults rated microwave meals as their preferred convenience food*3 and whilst micro-snacks are enjoyed round-the-clock, 60% are consumed at lunchtime as a quick and easy lunchtime meal solution*4. Convenience is also key to young adults, not just in relation to what they eat, but also where they shop.

“Students regularly shop in smaller outlets which they view as more convenient. Also, most students do their grocery shopping alone, looking for single-serve snacks and meals which suit their lifestyle. This is where market-leading brands such as Rustlers play a key role in attracting them to store,” adds Meikle.

“35% of micro-snackers are students and young adults*4 and what’s more, local convenience stores are likely to be used by over six in ten students at least once a week. That’s seriously high footfall.”

Young adults remain cost conscious, so stocking pricemarked packs will encourage them into store as PMPs are perceived to offer better value for money.

“For retailers looking to increase their micro snacking offer, we’ve developed the Rustlers Super 6 range – 6 topselling Rustlers SKUs which together account for more than 56% of all sales within the microsnacking market*5,” adds Meikle.

The PMP range includes the UK’s No.1 micro-snack*5 the Rustlers flame-grilled Quarter Pounder, already bought by 2 million households. It also includes the Rustlers flamegrilled BBQ Rib, the UK’s second best-selling micro-snack and Rustlers flame-grilled Chicken Sandwich, a healthier option popular with female shoppers.

Completing the line-up are the Rustlers flame-grilled Deluxe (Bacon Cheeseburger), growing 135% in convenience*5, the Rustlers Southern Fried Chicken Hot Sub, which has brought the mass market Subway format into micro-snacking, and the Rustlers Pepperoni Panini, which taps into lunch on-thego.

Meanwhile, introducing hot food to a store so retailers can compete with foodservice outlets will open up a new profit stream – and the process doesn’t have to be expensive.

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*2 TransgressiveX LLP, 2015

*3 Generation Y Convenience Food Survey – focus on youth generation

*4 Kantar Worldpanel Usage & Consumption 52 we 29 March 2015

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