Mezzanine International has been providing solutions to space problems for over twenty years.  One of its specialist markets is the grocery supply chain which plays a significant part in the company’s year on year sales growth.


In addition to its UK distribution, Mezzanine International supplies structures all over Europe, Africa and as far-afield as Australia. Providing a full design and install service, the company works closely with system integrators or back of house warehouse planners to provide its customers with the optimum storage solution. From steelwork racking support structures offering large span clear warehousing to 14m high racking above, Mezzanine has provided solutions for all.

With customers including Tesco, ASDA, Marks & Spencer, Co-Op, Sainsbury’s, John Lewis, and Aldi, Mezzanine International understands the requirements of the grocery industry. From simple storage mezzanine floors that offer additional space, to fully integrated warehousing solutions, the company combines high quality products with excellent customer service.

Mezzanine International was engaged by Tesco to design and supply a £4.5m multi-level storage structure that incorporated over head cranes; Sainsbury’s has been supplied with multi-million pound storage platforms; and ASDA has Mezzanine International solutions within both its retail sales areas and distribution centres. The firm has also supplied structures in cold stores and clean rooms to provide more space to the back of house retailers and grocers.

Mezzanine International has also recognised the importance of promoting a policy of quality, reliability and legal compliance throughout its supply chain.

Last year, the company embarked on delivering free CE Marking and EN 1090-1 awareness training courses to its supply chain and customers; providing hands on management and technical advice to ensure legal compliance in preparation for the 1st July 2014 CE Marking deadline. Having already been certified against ISO 9001: 2008 by the Centre for Assessment – a UKAS accredited and Law Society certification body – Mezzanine International is also certified for the development, project management and administration of EN 1090-1 for CE Marking its products.


Client Spotlight: The Game Group

Mezzanine International has worked closely with the Game Group to provide storage solutions with minimum disruption.

Using the ‘inside out’ principle, its warehouse was designed 11 years ago to precisely fit the chosen storage and materials handling equipment (MHE). Furthermore, its ultimate capacity capability ensured progressive upgrades were painless.

Since then, five successive upgrades to the original layout have been carried out, adding additional levels to the original 4000 sqm 7m high mezzanine which was designed to carry an automated cross belt sorter and manual ‘put pick’ system for top volume selling games.

So, when the online sales side of the business saw rapid growth, the immediate need for substantial additional allow-rise storage space was solved without any loss of operational time.

One extension was more of a challenge though as Mezzanine was tasked with building an 11m floor on top of the original 7m level, a feat that would have been impossible to achieve if the same 10m long main beams of the original 7m floor had to be followed. This wasn’t an issue because at concept planning stage the original phase one main beams were designed to be able to take the later mid point load of the 11m floor which used a 5m main beam grid.

This decision reduced the weight of the 11m level main beam significantly, enabling lightweight mobile lifting apparatus to be deployed safely during assembly over in situ MHE equipment without loss to productivity.

In each case there was little need to worry about the increasing load on the ground floor slab as these had been sized in anticipation of progressive upgrades during concept planning stage.

Mezzanine-Int-High-RezAnother important aspect of the original concept for the building contractor was the need for four external full height emergency fire escape staircases with ground access at 3-5m, 7m and 11m, even though there was only the one mezzanine level at 7m height in phase one. Once again pre-planning saved on time and cost, making it easier to gain building regulations approval.

The last piece of the puzzle was carried out in 2010 when increased activity, following the acquisition of a major competitor, meant that previously planned storage space uplifts were not enough. There was only one area left with 14m of clear headroom, but this was situated right in the middle of a 75m run on the dispatch floor which was now a vital part of its hugely important online operation.

Nevertheless, the challenge was met and a new two-level mezzanine was built on an overnight basis with minimum disruption for the client.

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