It looks like social distancing will be a feature of our lives for the foreseeable future. This means that the layout of premises may have to change, with more space needed to be set aside to ensure that customers and staff maintain safe distances.

Cutting down on storage space could be a solution – but this could impact on stock capacity. Handling solutions provider Combilift is not just a manufacturer of forklifts but also specialises in warehouse design to help customers make the most of a very valuable commodity – space – by increasing storage density.

This free consultation service was previously based on a personal visit from a Combilift product manager, but in these difficult times the company has turned to technology to offer a remote service using Facetime or WhatsApp calls as well as in-house developed systems rather than personal visits. Combilift design engineers can talk directly to customers as they walk around the premises and take shots of specific areas, to get a good overview of requirements.

Based on measurements also supplied by clients they can supply 3-D designs and animations with a very short turnaround time. These can illustrate for example how reducing aisle widths can enable much more stock to be stored in any given area.

“We have seen an increased take up of this free service,” said MD Martin McVicar. “A lot of decision makers are happy to use this to help us bring extra value to their operations.” So contact Combilift to find out how you can optimise your space rather than wasting it.

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