weak-stella.jpgRetailers can maximise the ‘big night in’ sales opportunity by getting behind major brands, stocking important new arrivals and rising stars of the category and by focusing on chilling, according to InBev UK. The company says the secret of success is to stock a range of packs of leading brands such as Stella Artois – the No 1 take home brand that is central to ‘big night in’ occasions. It says there is also a role for emerging brands such as Beck’s Vier and that new brands such as Stella Artois 4% are must-stocks for independents.

Simon Harrison, Commercial Director – Wholesale at InBev UK, says: “There is an increase in ‘stay at home’ occasions as people spend more leisure time at home and this is an opportunity retailers can target. The ‘big night in’ occasion is generally when people relax at the end of a hard week with a partner or friend in front of the TV with snacks and drinks.

“In addition to the traditional big night in, we are also seeing an increase in ‘games night’ occasions, revolving around interactive consoles and computer games which often involve groups of friends who are relaxing together.

“By gearing up to cater for these two different occasions through focusing on the key brands and having adequate stock, retailers can benefit from changes in consumer behaviour and cash in.

“Retailers must ensure they allocate adequate shelf and chiller space to the top performers such as Stella Artois, because of the strength of its consumer appeal. Retailers also need to ensure they stock new launches such as Stella Artois 4% and rising stars of the category such as Beck’s Vier which has proved a huge hit with shoppers over the past two years.

“It brings a new dimension to lager standing out in a category which has very little differentiation. It has the same colour and flavour profile as Beck’s but the lower ABV makes it more refreshing and easier to drink and is therefore an ideal beer for the big night in occasion where people often want a more refreshing, lower ABV drink.

“Chilling is something that retailers must really focus on, particularly at times of the year when there is a surge in social events such as parties and get-togethers.”

InBev UK’s Guide to Maximising the ‘Big Night In’:

  • Ensure top selling brands such as Stella Artois are fully stocked especially throughout key ‘big night in’ buying periods, particularly between Friday and Sunday.
  • Use chillers where possible: convenience retailers are well placed to meet the demand for chilled beer from people buying at the last minute or on the way to a friend’s house for a ‘big night in’. Place them in high traffic areas to capture the attention of impulse shoppers.
  • Expand SKUs to include eight and 12-packs of big brands along with adequate stocks of chilled four- packs. InBev UK research shows that 82% of chilled beer purchases are four-packs.
  • Ensure you have clear pricing to avoid shopper confusion and dis satisfaction.

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