maximasque_ladyNow women and men can enjoy younger looking skin with MaxiMasque, a new, safe and non-surgical method which alleviates facial wrinkles, plumps out tiny lines and reduces the appearance of etched lines. Used for years in French salons, women and men can now benefit from this treatment in their own home.

Oris’ MaxiMasque is an easy to use, temperature controlled, electrically heated beauty unit in the shape of a face mask, to which a moistened sponge mask is attached. Simply apply it to the face, sit back and relax with immediate results.

MaxiMasque can be used for different treatments such as anti wrinkle, moisturising, deep cleansing, serum, make up remover, after sun care and facial. It can also be used in conjunctions of one’s own facial creams and used as frequently as required.

mm_boxMaxiMasque has shown successful results in a Bio-engineering evaluation study in Amersham Hospital.

For further information please contact: Odelia Zucker 0208 885 8016.

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