pataksAt DS Smith Packaging Livingston the pressure was on to deliver a cost effective and sustainable solution to its customer, Patak’s.  To prevent damage the customer’s Indian bread was transported in a case turned on its side. For strength, the fluting ran around the case and had to be produced on two machines meaning two passes in the factory. When in store, the packs were turned the right way up for maximum product visibility on the supermarket shelf.

The pack was re-engineered to have a conventional flute direction eliminating the need for an additional machine process at Livingston. The designer saw an opportunity to improve the aesthetics of the pack and designed a tuck over on the display face to give a much better and cleaner finish in store. The material used was reduced by 20% and the factory even saved on corrugator trim.  The stronger box meant the customer could put the box upright on the pallet, increasing pallet utilisation by 8% as well as reducing logistical costs and carbon emissions.

It just goes to show how by design, DS Smith can help customers save money, improve environmental impact and support all the way through to the point of sale.

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