Cardinal Security, the innovative provider of security solutions to the retail and logistics industries, is looking to revolutionise manned guarding with the release of a new platform, called Guarded 365, available exclusively through Cardinal. Designed to provide users with a level of insight simply unavailable to date, this intelligence led approach provides users with full transparency and real control over their security spend.

Jason Trigg, CEO of Cardinal Security, believes that every user of manned guarding services should demand this data and have proper visibility on where their investment is being made. “What people worry about in this business is what they’re getting for their money,” says Jason, “and rightly so. Most providers don’t deliver sufficient insight into ROI.”

He continues: “The security industry has forgotten that businesses must meet the needs of the customer first. We live in a world where can we order a taxi on our smartphones, track the car as it arrives and score the driver at the end of the journey. Uber style tech is here, and it’s the future of the guarding industry. It’s time for security to wake up and provide clients with that level of interaction and control”.

Cardinal’s response to this challenge is an intelligent platform, linked to a central data management system. When a guard arrives at the start of a shift they use a geocoded tablet – or an app on their own device – to take a picture of their face. A controller from Cardinal instantly matches this against a database of staff members, and approves the guard to start the shift.

This simple process ensures that timekeeping is accurate, and that the correct, fully licensed operative is on duty and wearing the correct uniform. The guard uses the tablet or smart app throughout the day to assess his or her duties, confirm when tasks are completed and report any incidents. At the end of the day, the customer rates the guard’s performance using a five-star system.

Guarded 365 collects data in real time from all the tablets and smart devices connected to the platform and sends these to a secure client dashboard. This gives managers detailed insight into the performance of each guard at every one of their sites, highlighting any incidents, and when/where they occur. By eliminating paper records and poorly-maintained logbooks, the Guarded 365 platform provides a real-time and fully accurate picture of the actual threats that an organisation faces, and allows better decision making by managers on where and when to focus their guarding resources.

The Guarded 365 platform is already working for Cardinal’s early adopter clients, including some major high street retailers, and it will be rolled out across its customer base during the second quarter of 2017.

This exciting new technology, which promises to revolutionise the guarding industry, was launched at Retail Risk in London in March.


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