Dematic Northern Europe is offering intelligent fulfilment solutions for retail warehouses., including the grocery sector.

“Retail has become a hugely complex business,” says Ian Abbott, Head of Software Solutions, Dematic Northern Europe. “This is reflected in the escalating demands placed upon the Distribution Centre and its fulfilment functions. To cope, the warehouse needs to become intelligent.”

Most store replenishment activities in the grocery sector centre on moving full cases. Dematic can supply various levels of automation for full cases, from manual picking operations supported by voice command technology, to the use of sorters for processing cases stripped from pallets, right up to the fully automated building of mixed case pallets using Dematic’s advanced AMCAP technology.

AMCAP® is a high-performance mixed-case palletising system designed to assemble pallets and roll-cages that are ready for easy shelf re-stocking at the retail store and is flexible enough to cater for differing store layouts. The design allows flexible throughput variations up to several thousand cases per hour. The intelligence behind the process is Dematic’s iQ Pack Builder software, which directs pallet building according to how the retailer wants to receive the cases – by family group or store planogram.

For fulfilment of online orders, Dematic’s RapidPick goods-to-person system presents items to the picker in the desired sequence, enabling rates of over 1000 picks per hour, with ultra-high accuracy. Dematic Multishuttle is often used as an automated inventory buffer for serving the RapidPick station.

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