waters-tfr-shot-061Keeping your vehicle clean is an indispensable method of portraying a company image of quality and respectability whilst out on the road. Regular cleaning is also important to the overall mechanical maintenance of a vehicle, and is a requirement of some test procedures.

Therefore, vehicles should be cleaned as part of a regular maintenance programme to maintain their appearance and to remove damaging road grime such as road salts, particularly during the Winter months.

Deb Limited offers a range of specialist traffic film removers that meets any vehicle cleaning requirement regardless of size, vehicle type, paint finish or degree of soiling.

Christine Mottershead, Marketing Director at Deb explains “All the products in the Swarfega Powerwash range can be used on vehicle bodywork, engines and chassis.”

“Designed for specific cleaning needs such as sensitive surfaces, curtain siders and pre-MOT cleaning, the range offers high performance cleaning power that not only prolongs the life of the vehicle, but as all the formulas contain additives to prevent the scaling of cleaning equipment, the range can also help to reduce maintenance costs.”

So, help maintain your business by keeping your vehicle clean this Winter.

Deb Limited

Deborah Freeman

Tel: 01773 855134

E: deborah.freeman@deb.co.uk


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