Identification plays an important part in any filing system, whether it’s in the office, retail, industrial, home or freezer environment. Things need to be in their place and that place needs to be identified. This is where Beaverswood comes into the picture, they specialise in a wide range of identification products which include many sizes and types of label holder.


Magnetic label holders are manufactured from brown magnetic rubber, these can be applied to any steel surface offering the user the benefit of a holder that can ‘lift off’ and be relocated as and when required.

Magnetic holders can also be used in areas such as a cold store or a deep freeze area, where a self-adhesive label would not adhere to the surface. Beaverswood have recently added 60mm, 70mm and now 80mm high profiles to suit the biggest pallet racking beams. Because Beaverswood manufacture the holders they can supply them in standard cut sizes and roll lengths but also cut to your specific length saving you time and valuable resources.

All Beaverswood label holders are supplied with white card inserts and a clear plastic cover strip. Pre-printed inserts can also be supplied with alpha-numeric sequences and barcodes.

Complete information is contained in the Beaverswood Catalogue, which is available on request complete with a free sample pack of useful identification items.

Tel: 01189 796096


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