new-brochuresNew naming system simplifies tray and film choice for packers and retailers.

LINPAC Packaging, the leading global food packaging company, has renamed its product range to simplify the growing catalogue of trays and films it produces.

The new product hierarchy will standardise tray and film names across Europe and make the naming structure more intuitive for LINPAC customers looking to buy similar products in a different plastic polymer.

All rigid plastic trays made from virgin material will be called Fresh, followed by the material they are made from, for example Fresh PP or Fresh PET. Trays containing an element of post-consumer recyclate will also be called Fresh followed by the material initials, but they will be prefixed with the letter ‘R’, for example Rfresh PP or Rfresh PET.

The barrier film range manufactured by LINPAC has been divided into four distinct family groups. The family name will be followed by the type of material which the film is designed to seal with, making it easier for customers to identify the correct film to match the trays they use. Those films offering better than standard gas barrier qualities will include the letters ‘HB’ to make identification even easier. For example a tray lidding film with a PE sealing layer and offering high barrier sealing will be listed as LINtop PE HB followed by information about the material’s thickness.

Despite the name changes, the product formulations, structures and performance remain unchanged.

An internal programme to ensure all sales staff, customer service advisors and other customer facing staff fully understand the changes and a campaign to educate retailers, packers and processors has started.

The rebrand will also be supported by a new suite of brochures. Each customer will receive a letter explaining the changes in more detail, how it will affect them and a list of the new names of the products they currently order.

Ralf K Wunderlich, Managing Director and President of LINPAC Packaging, said: “Being at the forefront of the market means that we are constantly innovating and adding to our product range to make sure our customers receive the best possible service from us. The move from EPS to clear rigid plastic in many of our markets has meant a significant growth in our portfolio of materials. The time is right for us to introduce a simpler and more rational naming structure which allows our customers to easily identify the product they require. It also makes it easier for us to introduce new product ranges within our systems.

“The new names are designed to help customers understand at a glance what materials our products are made from and in the case of film, which material it is compatible with. We have customers all over the world, so the new names are designed to cross the language barrier.”

“We appreciate some of our customers may need some time to get used to the new naming system, but our customer service advisers will be proactively helping them to make the right product selections when they reorder from us.”

To request a copy of the new LINPAC Packaging brochure, please contact your local customer services advisor.

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