linpac-032Customers want fruit or vegetables, which are fresh and look appetising. They want to be able to see the product so they know they are buying the best.

LINPAC Packaging’s fruit punnets, trays and boxes have been designed with their customers in mind under the Infia brand to offer excellent crystal clear clarity, making the product the star.

As well as delivering the quality of appearance, retailers and consumers need packaging which provides protection to prevent products being damaged in transit on the way to the store and when customers take products home. They also require the punnets to make best use of the available crate or carton space, so they can transport more product per journey.

The new LINPAC INFIA K37 range of punnets for soft fruits offers all of the above advantages and more.

Ian Seamark at Infia UK comments: “The K37 range comes in a variety of sizes and is suitable for all soft fruits. They are made of transparent recycled PET, which offers excellent product visibility and protection. Retailers can choose to use a heat sealable film or a traditional clip-on lid. Both options allow customers a great view of the soft fruits they are buying, allowing good quality produce to tempt them to make impulse buys.”

The K37 punnets have a unique system of side wall ventilation holes to allow improved air flow in chilled or ambient displays. This delivers the longest shelf life possible for the soft fruit, and the punnets are designed to have maximum internal capacity to improve field to table transportation efficiency.

The punnets are both designed to make maximum use of crate and carton space and are available in depths of 35mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm and 85mm, reducing the number of overall delivery journeys required and helping the environment. As well as clip-on lids, the trays and punnets can be heat sealed using LINPAC’s LINTOP range of film – recognised for its crystal clear quality.

LINPAC’s also caters for retailers and packers looking for a more sustainable option by offering high levels of recycled content for both recycled PET or PP.

LINPAC Packaging

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