pallet-collar.jpgLINPAC Allibert’s versatile new pallet collar eases loading and unloading operations, reduces handling time and saves distribution costs. Quick to assemble and easy to fold, the pallet collar transforms a standard 1,200 x 1,000mm or 1,200 x 800mm wooden or plastic pallet into a robust bulk container ready for transporting products such as electrical goods, boxed goods, frozen foods, lose components and garments. The pallet collar saves the owner the time and cost of stretch wrapping loads, whilst providing additional protection to the contents.

They are built up in 30cm high stages to suit the size and height of contents, preventing the distribution of wasted space. Loading is made much easier as there is no need to lean into a part empty bulk box. Four pallet collars combine to provide the equivalent storage capacity of a 1,336 litre pallet box.

The pallet collar can be printed or embossed with the owner’s logo and message and fitted with RFID tags allowing the user easy identification and tracking of the containers and ensuring they arrive safely at their destination. RFID tags also enable a fast and accurate inventory control of both contents and carrier, eliminating any risk from human error.

When not in use, the pallet collars can be folded flat and nested together, with up to seven units inside one assembled collar, thus saving space and return transport costs. A typical unit of pallet and four collars can be stacked up to two high and is capable of carrying a unit load of up to 500Kg, which equates to a combined weight of one tonne.

LINPAC Allibert’s containers, bulk boxes and pallets are made from tough plastic and are highly resistant to impact damage. They are also more cost effective than disposable packaging in that they can be used again and again, enabling customers to comply with packaging waste regulations, reduce their carbon footprint and save money. At the end of their working life pallet collars can also be recycled, making new products from old.

Danilo quote:
Danilo Oliynik, Commercial Director of LINPAC Allibert, said: “We are committed to helping our customers increase their distribution and storage efficiencies through the development of practical, innovative materials handling products. The new pallet collar presents the owner with significant savings in cost, space and time.”

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