Linde Materials Handling cold store cabin trucks are specifically designed to work safely and efficiently in extreme cold environments, at temperatures as low as -30°C. Built with a flock lining inside the cold store cab, Linde’s trucks are condensation-free, and have improved heat retention and protection from cold surfaces. Thanks to the 1120 cold-resistant paintwork and specially selected oil, lubricating grease and hydraulic fluids, Linde’s cold store cabin trucks are designed to deliver maximum efficiency in extreme conditions.

001-Linde-Cold-Store-Cab[1]All wiring harnesses in Linde’s cold store cabin trucks are cold-resistant, and electrical connections are enclosed to ensure maximum safety. Greasable anti-friction bearings are used in the reach carriage and mast sections to protect against moisture, and the cold store cabin’s powerful, new 1.6 kW heating system ensures maximum operator comfort. Located beneath the steering console, the heating system is individually adjustable and allows for warm air to be circulated evenly throughout the cabin. For increased comfort, improved visibility and larger working space for operators, cabin temperature can be regulated manually or automatically by using the two thermostats available.

Plastic and rubber parts – as well as hydraulic seals – are designed to remain flexible at extreme temperatures whilst operating devices, control levers and pedals are designed to provide sufficient space for ease of operation if the operator is wearing thick gloves and cold weather boots. For increased comfort, the operator’s seat is available with a temperature-controlled heating system and an optional cold-resistant PVC cover, and all trucks come with an ice scraper incorporated on the side shift cylinder.


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