beatson-bottles.jpgIn the UK we produce over 170 million tonnes of waste from homes and businesses each year. It’s important that we all try to reduce the amount of waste we create so that we can rely less on landfill and conserve the countryside. Glass containers are infinitely recyclable; never degenerate and can be used over and over again without loss of quality. This coupled with lightweighting makes glass the environmental choice for packaging.

With this mind, Beatson Clark, the UK’s leading manufacturer of glass containers for premium products, has produced two lightweight amber beer bottles, which have been added to their extensive general sale range.

When producing lightweight containers, glass is removed from the design whilst keeping the strength and shape of the product. This means that whilst the dimensions of the bottle may change slightly, the appearance of the bottle remains the same.

The 500ml Amber Ale bottle originally weighed 403g, but Beatson Clark’s highly skilled team have reduced it to just 320g. They have also managed to retain the bottles popular, chunky appearance including the distinguished bulbous neck, keeping that ‘real ale’ feel.

The brand new 500ml Amber Vichy bottle fits perfectly within Beatson’s Vichy range, which includes a 330ml and 660ml version.

Whenever Beatson Clark designs a new product, the team are always looking for opportunities to incorporate lightweighting. During the lightweighting process fewer raw materials will be used and the weight of transporting the goods will also be lower, resulting in a significantly reduced impact on the environment.

Charlotte Taylor, Beatson Clark’s Marketing Manager said: “Lightweighting is a fantastic process and will dramatically cut the industries carbon footprint.”

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