chilled-range-1Pastry is a booming category with strong growth across both the chilled and frozen categories. Total pastry is now worth £46.7 million, with frozen accounting for £20.5 million and £26.2 million for chilled.

General Mills UK says that stocking the core range of puff and shortcrust blocks and sheets is vital to enable retailers to meet the differing consumer needs. Older traditional users prefer the versatility that pastry blocks offer while younger consumers prefer the ease and convenience of pastry sheets. Though both formats are doing well, puff pastry is the top performer, bringing in the most new users to the category.

Jus-Rol, the UK’s leading pastry brand, is urging retailers to trust the experts with their home baking category. With a long-standing heritage, promising performance and a commitment to giving the consumer inspiration and guidance, Jus-Rol truly are THE PASTRY EXPERTS.

Baked in Britain

Created in 1954, the Jus-Rol brand has a long-standing history with the British public and as such, is a home baking favourite.

Ed Culf, Marketing Director, General Mills UK, says: “The ability to connect with consumers on an emotional level is important, especially in a category like home baking because people are generally looking to create something for family and friends to enjoy. Consumers want products that they can trust to deliver excellent results time after time – and that is where Jus-Rol comes into its own.”

Not only that, but Jus-Rol delivers results for retailers too in terms of sales; the UK’s No. 1 pastry brand is currently worth £36.7 million (+19.3% year on year). This double-digit growth has continued to drive penetration; the brand is now bought by a quarter of UK households.

Roll on Inspiration

“Jus-Rol inspires people to cook and as more and more people are staying in to save a few pennies, the brand is dedicated to helping them produce quick and easy, yet delicious home-made meals,” says Culf.

General Mills UK is committed to not only telling consumers about the benefits of pastry, but actually showing them how to use Jus-Rol with step-by-step recipes for everything from light snacks and nibbles to main meals and desserts.

Culf continues: “Consumers just need a bit of guidance when it comes to cooking with pastry, so we are doing everything we can to show them.  Consumers want to know that they can use our pastry without the fiddle that making your own creates, and, with a website full of exciting recipes, the brand is offering assistance and education.”

Raising Awareness

Jus-Rol’s consumer awareness is already excellent: 90% of UK consumers have heard of Jus-Rol, but General Mills UK is continuing to support the brand through a host of marketing and promotional activates in 2009. This includes a burst of TV advertising and an on pack offer in the autumn, which will continue to raise awareness of Jus-Rol and to educate and inspire consumers to cook mouth-watering pastry dishes.

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