The ‘Le Crunch’ national schools programme campaign 2010 is about to go live in the UK. Some 5,000 schools will take part this year in the well-established ‘Le Crunch’ health education programme, reaching thousands of primary pupils and their parents. Winning participants will receive an iPod Touch together with an iMac computer for their local school.


According to Mintel (December 2008) an estimated 1.52 billion lunches were eaten at school in 2008 with just under half of all schoolchildren always having a packed lunch. Eight out of ten parents pack healthy foods, like apples, in their child’s lunchbox.

The in-school educational campaign will be supported by five in-store promotional campaigns in various supermarkets throughout the country.

Le Crunch includes varieties such as Golden Delicious, Braeburn, Gala, Granny Smith and Reds. This year’s French apples harvest is five per cent up on 2008, with an expected harvest of 1.6 million tonnes.

Daniel Corbel, co-president of INTERFEL’s external market commission, commented:

“We are proud of our in-school educational campaign in the UK, which emphasises our commitment to promoting healthy eating.  What’s more, the quality and quantity of French apples this year is really high, so it’s good news for Le Crunch and all our promotional partners. The UK is a challenging market at the moment but we are confident that our apples and the promotions will meet the high expectations of UK buyers.”

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